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Sumptuous Singapore

Jun. 28, 2016

My article "Singapore: Where culture meets cuisine" appears on the front page of today's Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Sunday Travel section.


UH fans can see Warriors in Sydney

Jun. 16, 2016

College fans will get the rare chance to attend an action-packed game in Australia's sporting and events capital when the College Football Sydney Cup is played for the first time Down Under on August 27, 2016. The University of Hawaii Warriors and the University of California Golden Bears will play in the opening round of the 2016 NCAA Division One College Football Championships in Sydney. 



Jun. 14, 2016

Off next week to Banff National Park, Lake Louise and Lake Moraine for some hiking, biking and kayaking. Newspaper article to follow.

Israel's Kibbutz Degania is a chocolate lover's dream

Jun. 13, 2016

My article in The L.A. Times on Israel’s chocolate-making Kibbutz Degania appeared in print in the Sunday Travel Section on June 12, 2016. Read the digital version below; you can practically taste it! Though calorie free!


Montana, dudes!

Jun. 8, 2016

Off to a luxe dude ranch in Montana on assignment, where, among other things, I will going on a cattle drive! Since I'm more used to having concrete and metal under my feet than horse and bovine manure, it should be a quite interesting adventure. Giddy up and yee-haw! Newspaper article to follow.

Just back from China!

Jun. 6, 2016

Back after a great week Hangzhou, China. A lovely, historical city just 110 miles from Shanghai. Newspaper stories to follow.

From Bangkok to Beijing

May 2, 2016

My Asian cruise story on Oceania’s Nautica “From Bangkok to Beijing” appeared on the front page of yesterday’s edition of The Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s Sunday Travel Section. 


Below is the 2.5 minute video clip of the experience produced by CDB Productions and hosted by yours truly.


Swiss Tourism luncheon

Apr. 16, 2016

I was delighted to attend the April 15, 2016, Press Luncheon for Swiss Tourism at the home of Swiss Consul General Jean-François Lichtenstern (at microphone).


Ecuador and The Galapagos

Apr. 7, 2016

My feature front page article “Ecuador and Galapagos Islands are genuine treasures” appeared in Sunday’s edition of The Honolulu Star-Advertiser Travel Section.

Israeli Supreme Court Justice Dalia Dorner

Apr. 7, 2016

My article discussing my interview last week in Jerusalem with former presidential candidate and indefatigable Israeli Supreme Court Justice Dalia Dorner appears in today’s edition of The L.A. Daily Journal and The S.F. Daily Journal.


Justice Dorner is a remarkable woman, a champion of free speech and equal rights and a fierce advocate for women. It’s a shame that the Israel Supreme Court has mandatory retirement at age 70.

Off to Jerusalem

Mar. 29, 2016

Off shortly to Jerusalem and onward, where, among other assignments, I will be interviewing the former Israeli presidential candidate and Supreme Court justice, the Honorable Dalia Dorner.

The new and improved Marcia Brady

Mar. 15, 2016

My article The New and Improved Marcia Brady, Esquire appeared in today’s edition of The L.A. Daily Journal and The S.F Daily Journal. This article was the result of my lengthy interview with Helen Su last week in Beijing. Ms. Su was an extremely popular child actress – her most famous and long running role was that of Pei-Pei in “The Star Knows My Heart,” shown throughout Chinese speaking countries in Asia.


In “The Star,” little Pei-Pei was the second to last of five children given to foster care, one-at-a-time, as their widowed mother was dying of cancer. During 60 heartbreaking episodes, little Pei-Pei, her TV mom and siblings had Chinese speaking viewers throughout Asia simultaneously mesmerized and weeping.


Following law school in Taiwan, an LLM from UCLA and an MBA from the University of Peking, today Ms. Su is the resident partner of a major American law firm’s Beijing office.


Marcia Brady could only have dreamed.

Savannah, GA

Mar. 13, 2016

My article on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day holiday in Savannah, GA appears in today’s edition of The L.A. Times, Sunday Travel Section. Click here to read the article:


Travel off the beaten path in Papua New Guinea

Mar. 10, 2016

Papua New Guinea is an amazing place with many indigineous people living as they have for hundreds of years without change. Click here to read my article on PNG which appeared in Travel & Leisure:


Gender Equality and the Selective Service

Feb. 22, 2016

My article “Gender Equality and the Selective Service” appeared in the February 16, 2016 editions of The L.A. Daily Journal and The S.F. Daily Journal.


The article focused on women’s strides in the military and the imminent requirement that women between the ages of 18 to 26, in keeping with men, be required to register for the draft. Equality should not be selective; neither should the requirement to register for the Selective Service.

The Passion of Peru

Feb. 9, 2016

My article “The Passion of Peru” appeared on the front page of The Honolulu Star-Advertiser Sunday Travel Section on February 7, 2016. The story covers the food haven which is Lima, the magic of Machu-Picchu and the bliss of Ollantaytambo and the Sacred Valley. 

Ease of travel in Hong Kong: Trains, escalators, trams, buses & ferries

Jan. 24, 2016

My article on the wonderful locale that is Hong Kong appears on the front page of today’s edition of The Honolulu Star-Advertiser's, Sunday Travel Section. Click here to read the article: 


Weekend Escape: Camarillo, Oxnard & Ventura

Jan. 6, 2016

The print version of my article “A head-clearing jaunt to Ventura during the holidays” will appear in this Sunday’s Travel section of The L.A. Times. The link to the digital version is below:


Papua New Guinea Supreme Court Justice Ambeng Kandakasi

Dec. 15, 2015

My article covering a recent trip to Papua New Guinea and my interview with PNG Supreme Court justice, the Honorable Ambeng Kandakasi appears in today’s editions of The L.A. Daily Journal and The S.F. Daily Journal.

Maryland’s capital a treasure trove

Dec. 14, 2015

My article on Annapolis appeared on the front page of the Sunday Travel Section of yesterday’s edition of The Honolulu Star-Advertiser. History, sailing, architecture, sightseeing and more fabulous crab cakes and other dining delicacies than one can shake a stick at. Just remember that “diet” is a four-letter word. Here's the story: