Julie L. Kessler
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The new and improved Marcia Brady

My article The New and Improved Marcia Brady, Esquire appeared in today’s edition of The L.A. Daily Journal and The S.F Daily Journal. This article was the result of my lengthy interview with Helen Su last week in Beijing. Ms. Su was an extremely popular child actress – her most famous and long running role was that of Pei-Pei in “The Star Knows My Heart,” shown throughout Chinese speaking countries in Asia.


In “The Star,” little Pei-Pei was the second to last of five children given to foster care, one-at-a-time, as their widowed mother was dying of cancer. During 60 heartbreaking episodes, little Pei-Pei, her TV mom and siblings had Chinese speaking viewers throughout Asia simultaneously mesmerized and weeping.


Following law school in Taiwan, an LLM from UCLA and an MBA from the University of Peking, today Ms. Su is the resident partner of a major American law firm’s Beijing office.


Marcia Brady could only have dreamed.

Date Posted:  Mar. 15 2016