Julie L. Kessler
lawyer traveler writer


13.5% Wine Bar in Baltimore

If your business or travels take you to Baltimore, make sure and stop by the 13.5% Wine Bar in the hipster section of Hampden. Not only are there great cocktails, and of course wonderful wines - all very reasonably priced, but the food, oh my!


The kale salad was delicious and perfectly dressed, but the talented and innovative Chef Eddie West caught my attention with the grilled cauliflower wraps with Bibb lettuce and pistachio aillade and a dash of Grappa. Hearty, intensely flavorful and filling; and I don't even like cauliflower! But I would certainly go back just to have this dish again. However, Chef West brought tears to my eyes with his utterly dreamy chocolate Pot de Créme. Chocoholics anonymous unite because honestly, it simply does not get better than this.


And if you need more - which you don't - the food is that good, have a glass of vino and listen to live music on select evenings. Check the restaurant site at 135Winebar.com for the performance calendar.  Open seven days a week with happy hour Mondays to Saturdays from 5-6pm.


Do not pass go and do not collect $200, but you MUST try Chef West's Pot de Créme at 13.5% Wine Bar following a great evening at a very cool little restaurant and bar.

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Date Posted:  Aug. 14 2016